Automatic invoice processing

Automatic invoice processing is one of the most popular application domains for the robotic business process technology. The life-cycle of a purchase invoice spans all processing activities, from the invoice information capture, thru the verification and acceptance phases, to automatic bookkeeping operations. The invoice data is captured from the scanned images or from the machine readable documents.

Data capture operations are based on the generic invoice recognition model, providing for alternative layouts of data fields. Respective values are input into the corresponding electronic form fields.

Intelligent invoice processing services are coordinated by a workflow model comprising such automatic rule-based activities as invoice categorization, verification against the budgetary and stock control documentation, manual or automatic discrepancy handling, as well as the automatic generation of the ledger operation parameters.

The invoices and the accompanying documents are stored within the repository data structures such as folders and/or case files. Optionally, they may be presented within the dynamic categorization trees.

The automatic features of the invoice workflow free the employees and management from tedious manual operations leading to increased attention to customer satisfaction and business growth.