Technical documentation management

Technical documentation in an electronic format represents all artefacts necessary for productive, as well as leisure, usage of all sorts of devices. In particular, the production environments require constant and speedy access to documentation of complex technical equipment, tools, and systems. Factories and the administrative bodies could not exist without an overwhelming body of technical documentation.

Large production establishments, like for example electricity and gas utilities, require constant and geographically distributed maintenance operations. Even thought, the maintenance crews are equipped with the portable computing devices and the internet access, it is practically impossible and expensive to install all native CAD/CAM software supporting the required technical documentation artefacts. OfficeObjects® FileViewer tool supports conversion and presentation of principal graphic data formats in the portable document format (pdf).

The OfficeObjects® Repository of the technical documentation boasts flexible modelling features meeting the complex requirements for structuring and search of documentary resources. The static structures, such as technical documentation files, organized with the hierarchical chapter structures, or folders support navigation.

Arbitrary sets of metadata attributes may characterize technical documents, according to the required categorization rules, and they subsequently serve as the query expressions. Additionally, text metadata fields are subject to fulltext indexing and retrieval.

The broad application realm includes large electric plants, urban planning regulatory authorities, as well as all kinds for production plants and construction sites. Technical documentation repositories provide data security and integrity features through extensive and robust authorisation and document integrity systems, including in-flight, as well as stationary document encription.