The Groupwork document and business process management covers all aspects of document  registration and flow, as well as the assorted domain business processes, such as for example automatic invoice processing, business travel management, funding application evaluation, and leave application processing.

The virtual organisation usually comprises many dispersed offices coordinated by and reporting to the corporate headquarters.  The groupwork support provided by the system is therefore of utmost importance. The principal facets of the groupwork activities are the workflow management platform providing for sharing of project documents, and the structure of shared folders, and/or case files, serving as the principal repository of the groupwork artefacts.

The OfficeObjects® platform provides both, the implementation and the operational environments. The graphic user interface, supporting the document repository functions and the interactive electronic forms, serves as the user interface of the workflow process activities developed with the use of the robust OfficeObjects® tools. The use of domain terminology within the business process interfaces enables easy comprehension and, as the result, good user experience.

The document repository serves as the corporate knowledge source, catering for persistent storage and selective retrieval of all types of business documentation. Powerful and flexible access management functions, coupled with the advanced data integrity features, make the repository a secure alternative to the local storage devices in the user workstations as well as the mobile devices. The document versioning functionality, covering the entire document life-cycle, serves also as an additional document integrity feature.

The Document sharing  process provides the principal platform to exchange of internal documents within a company. The use of a workflow process to share documents, and in some cases, to request an action on the document, has significant advantages over the classical email platform. The standard workflow management features, such as time control, irrefutability, accountability in terms of acknowledged workload, constitute an important tool for management of knowledge worker processes.