OfficeObjects® WorkFlow

OfficeObjects® WorkFlow is an innovative BPM platform supporting design, implementation, and operations of robust and flexible business processes.

The BPMN graphic editor supports hierarchical process models of arbitrary size and complexity. A rich workflow rule language provides for definition of such predicates as the workflow participant assignment, gateways, as well as pre and post-conditions. State of the art time modeling features, including the critical path control, allow the process owner to specify time constraints and to manage time integrity on the workflow process instance level. Performance-oriented design is based on a validated workflow performance model providing analytical tools for workload definition and performance prediction.

A business process query language (BPQL), based on the extensible functional programming paradigm, has been developed within the OfficeObjects® WorkFlow product to serve as a unique vehicle for specification of the process graph routing predicates, the work participant assignment predicates, the ECA rules, and the workflow activity pre- and post-conditions. The routing predicates, the ECA rules, and the activity pre- and post-conditions are defined as the boolean expressions. The WPA predicates based on the OfficeObjects® WorkFlow role model are specified as the set-theoretic expressions. The dynamic process modification features provide the late process binding capabilities based on the process instance execution history or on the external metadata, such as for example a categorisation taxonomy. BPQL provides a powerful business rule specification platform supporting definition of flexible and generalised workflow processes.

Dynamic workflow features comprising an ontology module based on the Topic Map standard (ISO 13250:2000) as well as the dynamic process modification facilities, supports a library of generic business process patterns.