OfficeObjects® e-Forms

OfficeObjects®eForms, extending capabilities of the workflow management platform, is the primary application building tool in the OfficeObjects® software ecosystem. The purpose is to provide a graphic interface to the OfficeObjects® repository objects, including both the metadata attributes and the data fields. The data fields may be either be manually input by the objects user, or they may be captured by the automatic data capture tools from document images. The dynamic electronic forms also serve as the user interface of manual activities executed within the OfficeObjects®WorkFlow business processes.

Electronic form data are stored in the XML format, preserving the document data structure, and they may be optionally mapped into the relational data model to facilitate reporting, as well as query and object categorization processing. The OfficeObjects®eForms electronic forms are also available as the JSR-286 portlets published in the JSR standard compatible portal platforms.

The OfficeObjects®eForms API includes the generator of the WSDL service specifications supporting integration with the external information systems. Combined with the processing capabilities of Java Script and Java, as well as the OfficeObjects® languages, such as the Topic Maps Scripting Language (TMSL) and the Business Process Query Language (BPQL) provides a powerful and robust application development framework.

The hierarchical data model of the electronic forms consists of typed data fields, such as integer and real numbers, text, date, time, image, binary file, and URI, as well as controlled vocabularies, radio button, and multiple choice fields. The elementary fields may be combined into complex data structures such as tables and repeating groups.